E30 5.0 Conversion details (updated Feb 2, 2010)

This page is designed to give you an overview of the 5.0 swap and what is required.  It is also designed to help you plan your swap and start collecting the required parts.  This page does not get updated often.  Read our BLOG here to get the latest information and customer builds.
Ford 5.0 EFI in a BMW E30 325
Ford 5.0 sitting in a BMW E30

The E30 5.0 swap is almost identical to the E36 5.0 swap

We have a TON of details on the E36 5.0 conversion here.  95% of the E30 swap will be the same as the E36.  Please read all information and links posted there, and then see below for the key differences:

Brake Booster

The brake booster is in the way.  You'll need to go to manual brakes or a remote booster setup ($$).  Many folks go manual brakes when swapping in Euro S50 motors.  You need to move the mounting point to the brake pedal up 1" for increased leverage.  A smaller booster will not work.  The engine needs to be all the way back near the firewall, the engine bay is too short.

Oil pan

A front sump pan is required, and you will have to cut and weld it to miss the steering rack.
Ford 5.0 Oilpan cut for E30 clearance
Cutting the Ford 302 5.0 oilpan to fit the BMW E30 325 or 318


Some hammering on the firewall will be required.  The heater core pipes have to be cut off or re-routed behind the firewall.  There is no room for them to protrude because the 5.0 engine is in the way.

Engine mounts

We have the E30 5.0 steel engine mounts finally ready for sale here.  They use E30 325 rubber/poly motor mounts under them.

Transmission crossmember

The transmission mount can be made with a piece of angle iron with 4 holes drilled.

Headers/steering shaft

The steering shaft/header issue should be very similar to the E36 5.0 swap. The pictures below show the headers dumping towards the front on an E36 5.0 swap.


The shifter comes up very close to the original hole.
5.0 shifter in BMW E30
The Ford 5.0 T5 shifter comes up nice in the BMW E30 (318 or 325)

Completed swaps

Several people are currently building 5.0 powered E30's.  Read our Blog for the latest links and photos.

The Infamous turbo 5.0 E30

Here are some pictures of a 5.0 swapped turbo E30.  Little is known about this car except for the pictures (these aren't our pictures, we're just posting them for reference).  They are provided for information & motivation.  It's probably pushing 400-500 horsepower.
The BMW E30 with turbo 5.0 and Cobra intake!
Check out the huge turbo Ford 5.0 in this BMW E30!

PS. Be sure to read our FAQ on E36v8.com

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E30 5.0 V8 Mount/conversion photos

Here's some pictures of the E30 5.0 mounts and stuff.  Stay tuned!  (Click for larger size)

mounts bare